Why Joe Biden Won’t Stop Israel

It’s been almost seven months since the start of the U.S.-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza, which has claimed – at minimum – tens of thousands of Palestinian lives, including at least 15,000 children.

There is mass starvation in the north, countless mass graves are being found every day from where the Israelis have withdrawn and a ground invasion of Rafah, which is under heavy bombardment, is still on the books.

Despite all this and the growing domestic pressure on the U.S. government to change course, Joe Biden and his administration have shown no desire to choose a different course. Instead, unlike the media narrative that puts blame squarely on Netanyahu, this administration is showing what Joe Biden has shown throughout his career: complete deference to and support of the state of Israel.

Why Joe Biden Won’t Stop Israel

Why Joe Biden Won’t Stop Israel | Backspace with Sana Saeed | AJ Plus

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