Suri Cruise: see how the daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise has grown up!

The story of Suri Cruise

Suri Cruise, the daughter of world-famous actors Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, is not an ordinary teenager. Born in a stormy marriage, she now lives a sheltered life with her mom in New York City.

Suri Cruise: teenager with a difficult past

Suri seems to be a typical teenage girl. Her family circumstances have not been easy, though, and her mother Katie Holmes tries to protect the girl as much as possible from her past.

Suri Seems To Be A Typical Teenage Girl. Her Family Circumstances Have Not Been Easy, Though, And Her Mother Katie Holmes Tries To Protect The Girl As Much As Possible From Her Past.

How Suri’s parents got together

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise met in 2005 while casting as co-stars in the film ‘Mission: Impossible III’. Later that year, Tom proposed to Katie on the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Katie Holmes And Tom Cruise Met In 2005 While Casting As Co-Stars In The Film 'Mission: Impossible Iii'. Later That Year, Tom Proposed To Katie On The Top Of The Eiffel Tower In Paris.

From ‘Mission: Impossible’ to marriage

In November 2006, the two got married in style at the Odescalchi Castle in Italy. By then, their daughter Suri had already been born.

In November 2006, The Two Got Married In Style At The Odescalchi Castle In Italy. By Then, Their Daughter Suri Had Already Been Born.

Suri Cruise as an infant

Suri Cruise was born in Santa Monica, California, on April 18, 2006. She’s the only child of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. The girl was famous from the very beginning. At the age of six months, she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

Suri Cruise Was Born In Santa Monica, California, On April 18, 2006. She's The Only Child Of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes. The Girl Was Famous From The Very Beginning. At The Age Of Six Months, She Appeared On The Cover Of Vanity Fair Magazine.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes: divorce

The relationship of Suri’s parents lasted only a few years. In June 2012, Katie Holmes filed for a divorce from Tom Cruise.

The Relationship Of Suri's Parents Lasted Only A Few Years. In June 2012, Katie Holmes Filed For A Divorce From Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise and Scientology

According to TMZ, the actor’s obsession with the Scientology church was the reason for the break. Katie wanted full custody of Suri, as Tom Cruise’s intentions were to have his daughter committed to the Scientology order.

According To Tmz, The Actor's Obsession With The Scientology Church Was The Reason For The Break. Katie Wanted Full Custody Of Suri, As Tom Cruise's Intentions Were To Have His Daughter Committed To The Scientology Order.

Nicole Kidman helped Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes took many precautions in the time of the divorce. She relied on Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife, to help her through the difficult process.

Katie Holmes Took Many Precautions In The Time Of The Divorce. She Relied On Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise's Ex-Wife, To Help Her Through The Difficult Process.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce settlement

The couple’s divorce process was a very tough one in which the actress had to accept restrictive clauses in order to be able to separate from the actor and have custody of her daughter.

The Couple's Divorce Process Was A Very Tough One In Which The Actress Had To Accept Restrictive Clauses In Order To Be Able To Separate From The Actor And Have Custody Of Her Daughter.

No other partner for five years

One condition was a series of confidentiality agreements about the actor and his marriage. She also had to abide by a harsh rule of not having a romantic partner in the five years after the divorce, Vogue reported.

One Condition Was A Series Of Confidentiality Agreements About The Actor And His Marriage. She Also Had To Abide By A Harsh Rule Of Not Having A Romantic Partner In The Five Years After The Divorce, Vogue Reported.

Suri’s Custody battle

Cruise filed for custody of Suri and got permission to visit his daughter 10 days a month, People magazine revealed. However, Holmes still had to meet the requirements of their restrictive divorce settlement in order not to lose custody of Suri.

Cruise Filed For Custody Of Suri And Got Permission To Visit His Daughter 10 Days A Month, People Magazine Revealed. However, Holmes Still Had To Meet The Requirements Of Their Restrictive Divorce Settlement In Order Not To Lose Custody Of Suri.

Katie Holmes broke all ties with Tom Cruise

After the divorce, Holmes broke all ties with Tom Cruise. She moved with her daughter to New York and had her baptized; something that Tom had never allowed due to his membership of Scientology.

After The Divorce, Holmes Broke All Ties With Tom Cruise. She Moved With Her Daughter To New York And Had Her Baptized; Something That Tom Had Never Allowed Due To His Membership Of Scientology.

Suri’s relationship with her father Tom Cruise

Suri and Tom Cruise have not appeared together in public since 2013, says US Weekly. Although the joint custody agreement allows Tom Cruise to visit his daughter 10 days a month, the actor initially decided to stay away from her because of the strict rules of his religion.

Suri And Tom Cruise Have Not Appeared Together In Public Since 2013, Says Us Weekly. Although The Joint Custody Agreement Allows Tom Cruise To Visit His Daughter 10 Days A Month, The Actor Initially Decided To Stay Away From Her Because Of The Strict Rules Of His Religion.

Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri

The child is not a member of Scientology, and apparently that is an issue for the actor. However, in 2016 El Mundo reported that Cruise was trying to regain contact with his daughter.

The Child Is Not A Member Of Scientology, And Apparently That Is An Issue For The Actor. However, In 2016 El Mundo Reported That Cruise Was Trying To Regain Contact With His Daughter.

Suri’s relationship with her mother Katie Holmes

Since the separation of her parents, and given the lack of contact she has had with her father, Suri sees her mother as her biggest confidant. They have built a great emotional relationship as mother and daughter. In fact, Hello Magazine reports, they have even taken solidarity trips together to help refugees in Greece.

Since The Separation Of Her Parents, And Given The Lack Of Contact She Has Had With Her Father, Suri Sees Her Mother As Her Biggest Confidant. They Have Built A Great Emotional Relationship As Mother And Daughter. In Fact, Hello Magazine Reports, They Have Even Taken Solidarity Trips Together To Help Refugees In Greece.

Trying to stay out of the limelights

Suri Cruise has always gotten a lot of attention because of her famous parents. However, after the divorce her public appearance changed and she began to lead a discreet life as a normal girl in New York. Katie and Suri stay away from the press as much as possible.

Suri Cruise Has Always Gotten A Lot Of Attention Because Of Her Famous Parents. However, After The Divorce Her Public Appearance Changed And She Began To Lead A Discreet Life As A Normal Girl In New York. Katie And Suri Stay Away From The Press As Much As Possible.

Suri’s upbringing

Katie Holmes is fully involved in the education her daughter Suri receives. In fact, as she states in Town & Country magazine, she has dedicated herself to instilling such values as respect, solidarity, commitment and equality in Suri’s life.

Katie Holmes Is Fully Involved In The Education Her Daughter Suri Receives. In Fact, As She States In Town &Amp; Country Magazine, She Has Dedicated Herself To Instilling Such Values As Respect, Solidarity, Commitment And Equality In Suri's Life.

Tom and Katie argued about Suri’s education

The academic life of little Suri Cruise was a great controversy for both parents. Each had different ideas for their daughter. While Tom Cruise wanted his daughter to study at home with private teachers and introduce her to Scientology, Katie Holmes preferred that she receive an education in a private school.

The Academic Life Of Little Suri Cruise Was A Great Controversy For Both Parents. Each Had Different Ideas For Their Daughter. While Tom Cruise Wanted His Daughter To Study At Home With Private Teachers And Introduce Her To Scientology, Katie Holmes Preferred That She Receive An Education In A Private School.

Now Suri’s in Catholic School

When the two divorced, Suri’s mother got to decide where she would get her education. She enrolled the girl in the Sacred Heart Catholic School in New York. The school provides a strict education, Vanity Fair magazine says. Suri also engages in extracurricular activities such as ballet and gymnastics.

When The Two Divorced, Suri's Mother Got To Decide Where She Would Get Her Education. She Enrolled The Girl In The Sacred Heart Catholic School In New York. The School Provides A Strict Education, Vanity Fair Magazine Says. Suri Also Engages In Extracurricular Activities Such As Ballet And Gymnastics.

The education of Suri Cruise by her mom

Katie Holmes is very concerned about her daughter’s upbringing. She avoids spoiling the child and does not want her to get a taste for luxury. Her mother wants Suri to be an independent and self-sufficient girl who thinks that a good gesture is worth more than material things, Europa Press reports.

Katie Holmes Is Very Concerned About Her Daughter's Upbringing. She Avoids Spoiling The Child And Does Not Want Her To Get A Taste For Luxury. Her Mother Wants Suri To Be An Independent And Self-Sufficient Girl Who Thinks That A Good Gesture Is Worth More Than Material Things, Europa Press Reports.

Suri’s Personality

Still, Suri has been regarded as a very coquettish personality since her youngest years. No wonder, if you appear on the cover of Vanity Fair at the age of six months. And with photographers following her wherever she goes, it is no surprise if she may feel different from other children her age.

Still, Suri Has Been Regarded As A Very Coquettish Personality Since Her Youngest Years. No Wonder, If You Appear On The Cover Of Vanity Fair At The Age Of Six Months. And With Photographers Following Her Wherever She Goes, It Is No Surprise If She May Feel Different From Other Children Her Age.

Her life without a father

Suri spends much time with her maternal grandparents. Her paternal family, the Cruises, she never meets. Suri’s lack of a paternal relationship is not only reflected in the absence of her father Tom but also in the absolute refusal of her mother Katie to talk about Tom Cruise either in public or in private life.

Suri Spends Much Time With Her Maternal Grandparents. Her Paternal Family, The Cruises, She Never Meets. Suri's Lack Of A Paternal Relationship Is Not Only Reflected In The Absence Of Her Father Tom But Also In The Absolute Refusal Of Her Mother Katie To Talk About Tom Cruise Either In Public Or In Private Life.

They don’t talk about Suri’s father

Katie Holmes wants to avoid opening up possible wounds from the past, several media have reported. For that reason, she is very concerned with Suri’s social life and the risk of Suri being asked about her father by friends or classmates.

Katie Holmes Wants To Avoid Opening Up Possible Wounds From The Past, Several Media Have Reported. For That Reason, She Is Very Concerned With Suri's Social Life And The Risk Of Suri Being Asked About Her Father By Friends Or Classmates.

The style of Suri Cruise

The relationship between Suri and her mother goes beyond a regular mother-daughter relationship. On several occasions, they have dressed alike, as if they were best friends. Katie Holmes takes Suri’s style very seriously. She always dresses her as a little woman with high heels and expensive dresses.

The Relationship Between Suri And Her Mother Goes Beyond A Regular Mother-Daughter Relationship. On Several Occasions, They Have Dressed Alike, As If They Were Best Friends. Katie Holmes Takes Suri's Style Very Seriously. She Always Dresses Her As A Little Woman With High Heels And Expensive Dresses.

Suri Cruise: clothes from Etsy

Lately, Glamour magazine reports, most of the clothes her mother buys for her daughter are handmade and bought at the online platform Etsy.

Lately, Glamour Magazine Reports, Most Of The Clothes Her Mother Buys For Her Daughter Are Handmade And Bought At The Online Platform Etsy.

Suri’s passion for shoes

Apart from her great love for ballet, Suri Cruise has a passion for shoes. At age five, the girl already had more than 200 pairs of shoes, Hello magazine reports. The ones in this photo are an example of her extraordinary collection!

Apart From Her Great Love For Ballet, Suri Cruise Has A Passion For Shoes. At Age Five, The Girl Already Had More Than 200 Pairs Of Shoes, Hello Magazine Reports. The Ones In This Photo Are An Example Of Her Extraordinary Collection!


As a teenager, she has discovered the world of make-up. On several occasions she has been seen with her mother shopping for make-up.

As A Teenager, She Has Discovered The World Of Make-Up. On Several Occasions She Has Been Seen With Her Mother Shopping For Make-Up.

Suri is not on social media

Unlike many girls her age, Suri stays off social networks. She is not allowed to use them.

Unlike Many Girls Her Age, Suri Stays Off Social Networks. She Is Not Allowed To Use Them.

Very private

Even Katie Holmes herself is very careful about showing pictures of her daughter on her social media accounts. On Suri’s 15th birthday, Katie Holmes posted a few black and white photos of her daughter at a younger age. But that’s as far as she will go.

Even Katie Holmes Herself Is Very Careful About Showing Pictures Of Her Daughter On Her Social Media Accounts. On Suri's 15Th Birthday, Katie Holmes Posted A Few Black And White Photos Of Her Daughter At A Younger Age. But That's As Far As She Will Go.

Suri Cruise as an adolescent

Still, we can see that Suri‘s personality as well as her physical appearance has changed over the years. She is now a teenager, elegant, educated, and very disciplined.

Still, We Can See That Suri's Personality As Well As Her Physical Appearance Has Changed Over The Years. She Is Now A Teenager, Elegant, Educated, And Very Disciplined.

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