Rohana Khattak: Pakistani Teenager Invents New English Word ‘Oblivionaire’

Rohana Khattak A 16-year-old girl from the capital city of Pakistan has won the New York Times’ Invent a Word challenge by suggesting a noun for some leaders of the globalized economy.

Rohana Khattak has invented “oblivionaire” which means a billionaire who chooses to be blind to the disparity and inequality that his or her wealth is creating.

The new English word is a combination of “oblivious” and “billionaire”.

Rohana has also given an example to explain how oblivionaire can be used in a sentence:

“Gen Z’s furor over the so-called oblivionaires who ignore global crises is blowing up on social media, in a campaign being noticed by many global and political figures.”

Pakistan Ambassador to US Sardar Masood Khan has congratulated the teenager for inventing the word.

Advice From a Vocabulary Challenge Winner: Rohana Khattak, a winner of NYTimes March Vocabulary Challenge, explains how she wrote her 50-word story.

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