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Piers Morgan vs Rahma Zein:

Piers Morgan Uncensored is joined by Egyptian podcaster Rahma Zein for an open debate and discussion on what she says is the historic mistreatment of Palestinians at the hands of Israel, her viral video calling out CNN international reporter, the ‘mistreatment’ Palestine faces in the media, whether Rahma condemns the Hamas attacks on October 7th, and how to come to a peaceful resolution in this conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Rahma suggests that it’s a worrying sight that her video confronting CNN international correspondent Clarissa Ward went viral because more important issues and videos from Gaza should be discussed. However she adds that the reason it went viral is because people understand an agree with what she said about the way Palestinian mistreatment is reported.

Piers then suggests that both sides need to understand their wrongdoings to progress and agrees with Rahma that the killing of innocent civilians is wrong from Israel. He however does question if she condemns the October 7th attacks. Rahma explains that if she simply condemns that attacks, it sets a dangerous precedent for the Israeli government to justify killing more Palestinians.

Rahma accuses Israel of being “a spoiled brat, you’re unable to say no to” which has grown up to be “a sociopath”, also accusing the United States of giving Israel permission to carry out genocide.

The United States has given permission for Israel to have genocide.

Rahma Zein – Piers Morgan Uncensored
Israel-Hamas War: Piers Morgan vs Rahma Zein On Palestine’s Suffering | The Full Interview

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