PAF Aircraft Brings Relief Goods To Kabul

A C-130 aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) brings relief goods to Kabul on Thursday. Pakistani envoy says two more flights scheduled in as many days; aid to continue through air, land routes.

Pakistan Is Extending Humanitarian Aid Comprising Food &Amp; Medicines To #Afghanistan. We Will Continue To Do Our Best To Help Afghan Brethren During This Prevalent Challenging Environment.
Pakistan is extending humanitarian aid comprising food & medicines to #Afghanistan. We will continue to do our best to help Afghan brethren during this prevalent challenging environment. – Government of Pakistan | Relief Goods to Kabul

Pakistan ambassador to Afghanistan Mansoor Ahmad Khan said today’s flight was “just a beginning of the humanitarian assistance for the people of the country”.

Ambassador received the supplies at the Hamid Karzai International Airport, Kabul and handed them over to Afghan officials.

The Relief Goods To Kabul Included Around 10 Tonnes Of Flour, 1.5 Tonnes Of Ghee And A Huge Quantity Of Emergency Medicine.
The relief goods to Kabul included around 10 tonnes of flour, 1.5 tonnes of ghee and a huge quantity of emergency medicine.

Talking to media persons, the envoy said the relief goods included around 10 tonnes of flour, 1.5 tonnes of ghee and a huge quantity of emergency medicine.

Beside air routes, the envoy maintained, the goods would be transported through Pakistan’s land routes, including the Torkham and Chaman borders.

A day earlier, it was reported that the government had decided to dispatch humanitarian assistance comprising food and medicines for the people of Afghanistan, the Foreign Office had said in a statement.

Pakistan's Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan Pictured At The Delivery Of The Goods At The Hamid Karzai International Airport. Photo: App
Pakistan’s Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan pictured at the delivery of the goods at the Hamid Karzai International Airport. PHOTO: APP | Relief Goods to Kabul

“Three C-130s are being dispatched to Afghanistan. After the first immediate tranche through the air, further supplies would continue through land routes,” it added. The statement said that the government will continue to do its best to help Afghan brethren during the prevalent challenging environment.

“Pakistan also urges the international community to play its role in helping the people of Afghanistan to avert a possible humanitarian crisis,” it further read.


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