[Watch]: King Charles gets agitated by inadequate pen

King Charles calmed down by Queen Consort Camilla over pen rage

King Charles is figuring out his way around faulty pens.

The 73-year-old new monarch of Britain was caught off-guard in Ireland after his pen stopped working while signing official documents.

“I cannot bear this bloody thing!” said His Majesty after his wife and Queen Consort Camilla pointed out he wrote the wrong date on the document.

“Oh, God, I put the wrong date down,” said an irritated King Charles.

When Camilla points out to her husband that he “signed the 12th earlier”, a frustrated Charles got flabbergasted: “Oh, God. I hate this.”

He added: “I can’t bear this bloody thing! What they do, every stinking time.” He later appears to storm out of the room while his wife signs the book herself.

The viral video comes after King Charles was caught on camera over the weekend getting agitated over a leaky pen, asking the aide to replace it at his Accession Ceremony.

Source: News | Social Media

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