Gigi Hadid: The Life of a Supermodel in Photos

Gigi Hadid: all over the news

We’ve heard a lot about Gigi Hadid in recent years, both in her professional life as a highly sought-after model and in her personal life as the girlfriend of celebrities.

Is she dating Leonardo DiCaprio?

The biggest names associated with the top model are former One Direction singer Zayn Malik and Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio. Malik is her ex and DiCaprio is allegedly her current boyfriend.

The Biggest Names Associated With The Top Model Are Former One Direction Singer Zayn Malik And Hollywood Star Leonardo Dicaprio. Malik Is Her Ex And Dicaprio Is Allegedly Her Current Boyfriend.

Who is Gigi Hadid?

But who is Gigi Hadid really? Where does the model with the striking name come from, and how did she get her start as a fashion star? Read further to find out.

But Who Is Gigi Hadid Really? Where Does The Model With The Striking Name Come From, And How Did She Get Her Start As A Fashion Star? Read Further To Find Out.

She started at the young age of 2… Yes, you read that right!

The famous model started her career at a very young age. She was only 2 years old and worked in the Baby Guess campaign.

The Famous Model Started Her Career At A Very Young Age. She Was Only 2 Years Old And Worked In The Baby Guess Campaign.

Gigi Hadid: a cute baby

Gigi was born Jelena Noura ‘Gigi’ Hadid in Los Angeles, California in 1995. Her mother was a famous model, which explains how she got her toddler to pose for the Guess campaign.

Gigi Was Born Jelena Noura 'Gigi' Hadid In Los Angeles, California In 1995. Her Mother Was A Famous Model, Which Explains How She Got Her Toddler To Pose For The Guess Campaign.
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Yolanda Hadid: a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills

Gigi’s mother, Yolanda Hadid (Van den Herik) was a Dutch woman who married the Palestinian real-estate developer Mohamed Hadid. After working as a model, she became a reality TV personality in ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.’

Gigi's Mother, Yolanda Hadid (Van Den Herik) Was A Dutch Woman Who Married The Palestinian Real-Estate Developer Mohamed Hadid. After Working As A Model, She Became A Reality Tv Personality In 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.'

The Hadid siblings

Gigi Hadid has two siblings. Her sister Bella Hadid (1996) is also a top model and her brother Anwar (1999, not in the photo) is a rising star in the fashion and TV industry. The famous Hadid trio has two half-siblings, Marielle and Alana, from their dad’s previous marriage.

Gigi Hadid Has Two Siblings. Her Sister Bella Hadid (1996) Is Also A Top Model And Her Brother Anwar (1999, Not In The Photo) Is A Rising Star In The Fashion And Tv Industry. The Famous Hadid Trio Has Two Half-Siblings, Marielle And Alana, From Their Dad's Previous Marriage.

Breakthrough in 2014

Even though she had started modeling as a child, it wasn’t until her late teens that Gigi Hadid became really famous.

Even Though She Had Started Modeling As A Child, It Wasn't Until Her Late Teens That Gigi Hadid Became Really Famous.

New York Fashion Week and Victoria’s Secret

In February 2014 she made her debut at the New York Fashion Week and in November 2015 she appeared in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Both have been returning, prestigious projects for her. 

In February 2014 She Made Her Debut At The New York Fashion Week And In November 2015 She Appeared In The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Both Have Been Returning, Prestigious Projects For Her. 

Model in high demand

Gigi Hadid has modelled for countless brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Fendi, Michael Kors, Desigual, Moschino, Victoria’s Secret, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Max Mara.

Gigi Hadid Has Modelled For Countless Brands, Such As Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Fendi, Michael Kors, Desigual, Moschino, Victoria's Secret, Jean Paul Gaultier, And Max Mara.

Her personal life

She began her romance with former One Direction singer Zayn Malik in November 2015. By 2016, they made their debut as a couple on the red carpet of the Met Gala.

She Began Her Romance With Former One Direction Singer Zayn Malik In November 2015. By 2016, They Made Their Debut As A Couple On The Red Carpet Of The Met Gala.

Gigi and Zayn: not a walk in the park

Pretty soon after their grand, public debut, the couple broke up for the first time. They got back together and continued with the exception of a one-month break in March 2018. Finally, in January 2019, Gigi and Zayn separated once again, and this time it seemed definite. 

Pretty Soon After Their Grand, Public Debut, The Couple Broke Up For The First Time. They Got Back Together And Continued With The Exception Of A One-Month Break In March 2018. Finally, In January 2019, Gigi And Zayn Separated Once Again, And This Time It Seemed Definite. 

On and off relationship… with a baby

To many people’s surprise, the couple not only got back together in January 2020, but they also welcomed a daughter, Khay, nine months later. 

To Many People's Surprise, The Couple Not Only Got Back Together In January 2020, But They Also Welcomed A Daughter, Khay, Nine Months Later. 

The final breakup after a difficult romance

In October 2021, they ended their relationship for good. The cause of the breakup was an alleged incident between Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda.

In October 2021, They Ended Their Relationship For Good. The Cause Of The Breakup Was An Alleged Incident Between Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid's Mother, Yolanda.
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Amicable relationship with her ex

For Khai’s sake, Zayn and Gigi have strived to maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship. A source told US Magazine that “there is no custody battle going on right now – they’re just trying to work things out as co-parents.”

For Khai's Sake, Zayn And Gigi Have Strived To Maintain An Amicable Co-Parenting Relationship. A Source Told Us Magazine That &Quot;There Is No Custody Battle Going On Right Now - They’re Just Trying To Work Things Out As Co-Parents.&Quot;

A philanthropist

In 2018, Gigi Hadid announced that she would be working together with Unicef to help children around the world. In August of that year, she made a visit to Bangladesh on a mission with Unicef.

In 2018, Gigi Hadid Announced That She Would Be Working Together With Unicef To Help Children Around The World. In August Of That Year, She Made A Visit To Bangladesh On A Mission With Unicef.


Gigi has also collaborated with the non-profit organization ‘Feeding America.’ When the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, she spoke out in support of the Ukrainian people. 

Gigi Has Also Collaborated With The Non-Profit Organization 'Feeding America.' When The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Started, She Spoke Out In Support Of The Ukrainian People. 

Politics: pro-Palestine, BLM

Her support of the Black Lives Matter movement and her campaigns for the freedom of Palestine have been a bit more provocative. Just like her sister Bella, Gigi is not afraid to speak her mind about delicate topics. 

Her Support Of The Black Lives Matter Movement And Her Campaigns For The Freedom Of Palestine Have Been A Bit More Provocative. Just Like Her Sister Bella, Gigi Is Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind About Delicate Topics. 

What’s Gigi Hadid’s net worth?

The supermodel can afford to make controversial comments now and then. She has plenty of reserves in case one or two brands stop hiring her. Gigi Hadid’s current fortune is estimated at $29 million, Marca reports.

The Supermodel Can Afford To Make Controversial Comments Now And Then. She Has Plenty Of Reserves In Case One Or Two Brands Stop Hiring Her. Gigi Hadid's Current Fortune Is Estimated At $29 Million, Marca Reports.

Dates with Leonardo DiCaprio

In 2022, showbiz media began to report sightings of Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid together. The actor had just broken up with Camila Morrone in August 2022, and only a month later he seemed to be courting Gigi.

In 2022, Showbiz Media Began To Report Sightings Of Leonardo Dicaprio And Gigi Hadid Together. The Actor Had Just Broken Up With Camila Morrone In August 2022, And Only A Month Later He Seemed To Be Courting Gigi.

“Gigi and Leo are dating and into each other.”

A source told Entertainment Tonight that Leonardo (47) and Gigi (27) “are dating and into each other.” According to People, an insider said that “she seems very happy and excited about seeing him. She is attracted to him. He treats her really well. She finds him mature and charming.”

A Source Told Entertainment Tonight That Leonardo (47) And Gigi (27) &Quot;Are Dating And Into Each Other.&Quot; According To People, An Insider Said That &Quot;She Seems Very Happy And Excited About Seeing Him. She Is Attracted To Him. He Treats Her Really Well. She Finds Him Mature And Charming.&Quot;

A future with the ‘mature’ Hollywood star?

While she is keeping a low profile with Leonardo DiCaprio to spare the feelings of her ex Zayn Malik, ET reports, it seems that the couple is getting quite serious. Yet, as a successful model, millionaire, and single mother, she will surely continue to be an independent woman, whatever the future holds.

While She Is Keeping A Low Profile With Leonardo Dicaprio To Spare The Feelings Of Her Ex Zayn Malik, Et Reports, It Seems That The Couple Is Getting Quite Serious. Yet, As A Successful Model, Millionaire, And Single Mother, She Will Surely Continue To Be An Independent Woman, Whatever The Future Holds.

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