Coke Studio: Ye Dunya | Rap and Heavey Metal | Karakoram x Talha Anjum x Faris Shafi | Season 14

Urdu rap and heavy metal collide in Coke Studio’s latest song ‘Ye Dunya’. The nu-metal song is performed by Talha Anjum, Faris Shafi and Karakoram the Band.

‘Ye Dunya’ asks what most of us do at some point in our lives — do our struggles of proving ourselves to the world even matter? Karakoram, Anjum and Shafi take this doubt head-on in a song that expands on the standard rock lineup, delivering a power-packed music composition.

The nu-metal song is the brainchild of Coke Studio’s producer Xulfi and associate music producer Sherry Khattak. The song has been written by Adnan Dhool, Talha Anjum, Faris Shafi and Xulfi. According to Coke Studio, the song is meant to unfold “almost like a therapy session, with the artists acknowledging each other’s burdens. Anjum is coolly philosophical. Shafi brings the realness, soothing Sherry Khattak’s primal scream with the confirmation that he is not alone”.

The music video’s art director, Harris Khatri, places the song’s performers in a construction zone. Boxes of digitised colour rise from the ground with the performers on top, “promising to take them from blackness to somewhere vivid”. Video director Zeeshan Parwez adds augmented reality motion graphics around each artist to express “how fused we are with the warp-speed world of technology”.

Coke Studio | Season 14 | Ye Dunya | Karakoram x Talha Anjum x Faris Shafi

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